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Low productivity
①Cutter blade is blunt;
②Cutter blade is not adjusted correctly, the wood fragments are not granular. Sharpen the knife-edge. 

Difficult in charging in
①Knife-edge is blunt; ②Gap between stationary knives is too large or too small
①Sharpen the knife-edge; ②adjust the gap between stationary knives, 2-3mm; ③angle of the knife-edge can not greater than 30°

Power over-loading
①Feeding is not uniform; ②Knife-edge is blunt
①Slow down; ②Sharpen the knife-edge

Bearing heating
①No butter in shaft block; ②Shaft block is not fixed horizontal; ③Bearing is broken; ④Belt is too tight
①Fill butter in shaft block; ②Fix the shaft block horizontally; ③Change new bearing; ④Adjust the belt

Factors affect chips quality
①  Quality and moisture of logs
        Diameter and quality of log should be matched equally to assure the qualification rate of the chips. Small and short logs are easy to jump in the feeding trough, it is easy to produce a lot of short chips and powders, and tri patches will be more, it will affect the qualification rate of chips. High moisture of log can improve the qualification rate, but in northern cold area, it is easy to freeze, so the moisture of 25%~35% is better, if moisture is more, it is easy to produce powders. In summer, moisture of 35%~45% is better, if the moisture is less, wood will be crisp, and powder will be more.

②Parameter of chippers
        Quality of chips lies on the distance of knife fixed on the cutter head, and the size of the knife. On
the situation that other parameters do not change, the chip length lies on the clearance. And the
length relates to the thickness, so the longer, the thicker. In order to improve the
qualification rate, please assure the standard clearance and its consistency. Then make
sure gap between knife and dead knife is 0.3~0.5mm, and under the premise of knife and
dead knife do not touch, the gap the smaller, the better. If the clearance is not consistent,
adjust the gap according to the cutter blade with large clearance. Then, gap between cutter blade with
small clearance and dead knife is large, and the long chips and small chips will more.

③Chipper knife-edge angle
        On the situation that other parameter do not change, the larger the angle, the larger the resistance,
and the chip is easy to fragile.

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