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1. Seller should provide technological documents and materials in time according to the contract.
Resove the technical problems in time.

2. Pursue the contract strictly, inform buyer the manufacturing schedule in time, and ensure delivery
in time.

3. In order to make sure the construction goes smoothly, seller should send technicians
to provide technical service and assist buyers in installing and debugging, until regular production.

4. Seller provides free installation guide, debug, and trial run. If buyers have technical problems
and queations, seller should give an answer within 24 hours; if need sending technicians,
seller should provide free service, and technicians should reach the spot 36 hours after
buyers' notification.

5. Seller should be responsible for the technical training of buyers' operators.

6. Keep track service, and establish documents about the service condition.

7. Seller are obliged to provide spare parts at the best price within 15 years after the goods in the
contract are accepted.

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