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1. Service brand: sunshine service
2. Service theory: serve customers with grateful heart 
3. Guiding theory: change for need 
4. Service destination: total satisfaction, continuous transcendence, brave new high, makes the fighre of pacemaker in industry service 
5. Service aim: our value is serving for customers, every one should satisfy customers by grateful hearts 
6. Service mode: specialization active sunshine service (3+2). That is specialization, standardization, 
complete, active, and additional 
7. Service promise: assist customers in production choosing, site survey, and scheme design 
8. Service regulation:
 8.1 Arrive on time, when appointed with customers
 8.2 Show employee's card and hand in service sheet when door-to-door service
 8.3 Polite when service
 8.4 After service, power in, trail running, and instruct customers how to use
 8.5 Invite customers sign in the service sheet, and write his/her suggestion before leave. 

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